Bluet Propane
Optimus OO
Optimus 8r
MSR Test Stove
Cook Pot top view

Cook Pot bottom view.
Blue Flame.
Well as you see this is my collection of stoves and of course the MSR is my favorit one.

The Bluet is a Propane and my very first one and of course the 2 Optimus stoves.  All of them are operational and do use them except for the Bluet. 

Now for my MSR Kitchen there is every thing I need and it will go into the Orange Bag that I made.  If you will look closely at the Pot pictures you can see where they were over heated by the discoloration and also warped.  I had to use a tin lid from a soup can to help prevent the high heat the MSR puts out.  Though the  truth be told I forgot to prime the bowl water after I put in the snow. 

That MSR stove is the first test stove and if you look closely you can see where I tried a micro control valve which it did not work so that is why the spice. 

For I forget the white bowl is a Cool Whip Bowl and yes very old, 1970.