These two are my first Ice Axes the blue on belongs to Saundra and the brown mine.  they are hip height Grivels Axes
My MSR collection they are a little rusty from being in storage.  Of those I prefer the white handle Eagel.
These two are Chouinards my favorites.  There is a story about the MSR and the Chouinards. It will be posted and linked to here.
These Ice Hammers never went into production and to the best of my knowledge I have the only one.  As you can see they are a break down.  No, I have never used them. 
As you can see these are Ice Screws and have been used except for the one.  I think it was made by MSR.  Larry Penberthy of MSR at one time was trying some designs and some how I would up with this one. 
We can't forget about the Ice Hammers both are Chouinards.  The one on the right is hand forged and the first one I bought.
Crampons the ones wrapped in blue was my first ones.  The blue wrap is something that Larry invented that really helped the balling of snow you didn't have to bang the side of your boots with the shaft of your Ice Axe quite as often.  The second pair is 10 point Mosers take a close look at them they are made like 12 pointers.  Now the third pair is Chouinard ridgid and I still have the box, directions in english and german, tools and extra parts. 
I think MSR was the first company that made this type of Snow Fluk it does have a MSR Patent Pending mark
These are my first boots Le Phoque with a rubber flap (second time). Excellent for keeping out the snow.  They are on their second sole and looking for a rubber flap replacement becaue the boot isn't made now. 
Snow Goggles all I need to do is replace the plastic lens and rubber head band.
Well there it is the most of it anyway. It is a little of my equipment history and of a few things that never went to market. Just a little note on the MSR Ice Hammer it has a Square Head and there were previous ones with the Square Head many, many years ago.