Pucker Factor is rated from 1 to 10, but of course 10 being the hardest pucker.  This was started by a friend of mine of many years ago from a climb up Mt. Index.  But of course I hope you all know what a Pucker is and it is not the kind of pucker-up to kiss pucker:-))  Any way that is why I named PUCKER FACTOR ROCK in rememberance of him.

Though you need to remember that each persons pucker factor is different. 
This about 35 foot tall rock can be top roped and it could be a little hazzards getting to the base but the best approach is from the East Side.  There is a ledge at the base, though sorry I couldn't get far enough back to get a one piece picture.

This rock is located at the first left turn off NF 7032 and about half mile in on your left.
Looking back from where you came from.