This area is located 7.3 miles from the Enumclaw Arco gas station on Highway 410.  It is easy to see it is on the North side in a large recently  planted area..  There is plenty of parking across from this area. 

Or as Rory puts it about 10 min, but that depends on how fast you drive:-)

I want to thank Rory Robison for the pictures he said he has climbed it several times and also that there is a bolt on top of the rock for belaying from or can be top roped.  He thinks the rock is about 35 feet tall.

The trail is marked with yellow tape starts at the right side of the picture then works its way left and upward.  Then starts working up towards the left side of  the rock.  There is a yellow rope on the left side to help you up the last few feet to a two foot wide crevice that can not be seen from the road.  Though just a suggestion because of how the bolts are set (close to the edge) there should be another bolt set further back or use the tree that the very old rope is tied to for belaying. 

Note: There is two bolts side by side with a chain between the two, also by now the  trail should be marked with yellow ribbon.  There is a few places that are rough going. 

Looking at the close-up picture about half way down you see a horizontal crack (well not quite a crack) from there down it angles inward. 

Also in the top picture you will see a rock directly across to the left it also has a bolt on top.
My son on top
Close up
Rock to far left.