I know that some maps and direction are a little vague, but I hope that all directions that I give I hope are accurate plus or minus a tenth of a mile and the yardage will be plus or minus a few yards.  As far as time travel that will be a guesstement, because each of us hike at different speeds. 

As far as mileage the main starting point is from 410 and the Arco gas station in Enumclaw  to FS 70 which is 20 miles.  From 410 and FS 70 it is 1.3 to FS 7010 you turn left.  From 410 and FS70 is 5.8 to FS 72 you turn right.  From 410 and FS 70 to FS 7030 it is 8.2 miles you turn left.  

Their will be some directions that will be given and if you miss the direction you will have to drive an extra mile to find a turn around area.

The most important one is to FS 72.  Though it is 5.8 miles to it if you pass it that is where you will have to drive an extra mile or so to find the turnaround.  FS 70 goes mostly straight then makes a right turn from there the road does a number of twists and turns.  Watch on the right for a Borrow which is a very large open area as soon as you see it slow down to very slow.  The road is making a slow right curve.  There is brush on each side of the entry.  You will not see the sign FS 72 until you make the Right Turn.
When you down load they will enlarge.