In this era from the late 60's and earlier and through the 70's you either made them from scratch purchased a Frostline Kit or you modified what you bought to fit your personal need or needs. This was the beginning of what we have today.

Lots of new materials were coming out and each one saying there's is the best or better than last years.  From sleeping bags to inner and outer wear to tents and of course the packs and equipment each one bragged.  You would buy them, modify them or make from scratch then the true test.  You would either go hiking or climbing in all kinds of weather good and bad and come back either mostly happy or you would head to the sewing machine.

You would either have problems with sweat, the cold, the heat, the rain, the snow or all the above just to name a few.  So you would try and fix that problem and still come back mumbling. But you may or may not have given up...

On outings with friends the discussion topic sometimes turned to clothing or what ever.  You would share ideas on why and how what worked and what did not work.  Then as they say, back to the drawing board...

Which I did many times; Necessity is the mother of invention as they say.

But it was amazing to see all the different designs and modifications to clothing, packs and tents.  The women would add decoration here and there to make their clothing look more like womens clothing than mens clothing. 

I remember that during the first class session with the Mountaineers they talked about where to go shopping for clothing, packs and etc.  Back then the Army surplus stores almost had everything you need from clothing to packs.  Then there were the Salvation Army and Goodwill

Jans Sport Pack
This was my first change by adding a pocket to the flap.
Same frame but all new pack design.
Jans Sport Frame
As you can see it is a break down depending on the hike or climb.
Jans Sport Expedition Frame
Sorry I don't have a break down photo, but it is also a break down with two detachable pockets. It is loaded for the Mt. Hood North side climb and weights about 125 lbs.

The outside pockets zip from across the top then down to the bottom for better accessibility. 
My home made copy of the REI Mountain tent.
That was a fun project.
Don't laugh it is my kinda, sorta square tent.  That is Saundra's Head. The pack is a REI Cruiser with pocket added to flap.
Down pants and jacket that can be made into a bevy bag.
Down vest with snap on sleeves.
Down jacket.
These two are Frostline jackets that I modified.  The left one added draw strings to the sleeves and a elastic draw string baffel around the waist.  The right one added the three velcro tabs.
These two are special made and injected with Prime Polish Goose Down.  The inside on the one on the left is smaller so no cold spots with a shoulder cuff water proof bottom and a total 7 inch top loft. The weight is about 3 pounds.  The right one is the same design except for the shoulder cuff and only a 4 inch top loft.
This one was one of my first.  It is a copy of the REI bag.